Separation of Powers Clinic

More information coming soon on the Gray Center’s “Separation of Powers Clinic.”

The Separation of Powers Clinic allows students to gain practical legal experience identifying cases of interest, researching legal issues, and preparing appellate briefs for ongoing litigation involving separation of powers within the federal government and between the federal and state governments. Students accepted into the Clinic will also receive classroom instruction on separation-of-powers issues, including relevant cases and scholarship. There will also be guest speakers on occasion, who will discuss issues relevant to Center-sponsored scholarship or the Clinic. 

The Clinic will be organized around a two-credit graded course taught in the spring semester of each academic year with limited enrollment. Students must have completed Constitutional Law I to be eligible to apply. Although not required, it will be beneficial for students also to have taken Separation of Powers: The Political Branches Seminar (Law 664).

The course will be taught by the Clinic Director, who will supervise the students’ completion of draft amicus briefs, complaints, and other litigation motions. The Director will also manage and grade student work product, providing significant feedback and instruction relevant to legal practice. 

During the fall semester, there will also be an independent study program for up to three students who will continue to help the Clinic and the Director with ongoing efforts to draft amicus briefs and other litigation filings. 

Director of the Separation of Powers Clinic
Trent McCotter

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