Research Roundtables

The Gray Center’s current and upcoming research programs focus on:

    • The 75th Anniversary of the Administrative Procedure Act
    • Reforming Congress to Reform the Administrative State
    • The Nondelegation Doctrine After Gundy
    • The Federal Reserve, Financial Regulation, and the Administrative State
    • Regulation, Innovation, and Public Health
    • Administration During Crisis: Pandemics, Financial Crises, and Other Emergencies
    • Judicial Review After Kisor and the Census Case
    • Facts, Science, and Expertise in the Administrative State
    • “Laboratories of Administration”: Lessons Learned from Reform in the States
    • Congress’s “Power of the Purse” in the Administrative State
    • Reviewing Judicial Review: Remedies, Reviewability, and Related Issues
    • Political Polarization, Administrative Law, and Presidential Administration