Paul R. Verkuil

Paul R. Verkuil served as the Tenth Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States from 2010 to 2015. He reestablished the agency following a 15-year hiatus and helped to ensure its future by emphasizing its bipartisan governance structure and objective research and recommendations. He is currently a Senior Fellow of ACUS and the National Academy of Public Administration, where he has been working on matters of civil service reform and government reorganization.

Mr. Verkuil is a well-known and oft-cited administrative law scholar who has coauthored a leading treatise, Administrative Law and Process, now in its fifth edition, several other books (most recent, Valuing Bureaucracy (Cambridge 2017)), and over 65 articles on public law and regulation. A Festschrift held in his honor has been published at 32 Cardozo Law Review 2159 (2011).

He is President Emeritus of the College of William & Mary, has been Dean of the Tulane and Cardozo Law Schools, and a faculty member at the University of North Carolina Law School. He is a graduate of William & Mary and the University of Virginia Law School and holds a JSD from New York University Law School. Among his career highlights is serving as Special Master in New Jersey v. New York, an original jurisdiction case in the Supreme Court, which determined sovereignty to Ellis Island. He is a Life Member of the American Law Institute and the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation.